MD50 Ceiling Grid System

Designed to meet the demanding standards of today’s modern buildings, CLIN® MD50 Ceiling Grid System combines engineered structural integrity and pleasing aesthetics to be as beautiful as they are functional.

Made out of durable, corrosion-free and fire-safe extruded aluminium, it is suitable for all kinds of buildings and cleanrooms that demand high quality ceiling grids. Applications include semiconductor, disc drive, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, food , hospital and chemical industries

In terms of structural Integrity, CLIN® MD50 ceiling grid system is certified in accordance with ASTM C635-00 standard.

CLIN® MD50 ceiling grid system is a walkable type ceiling grid for light maintenance and servicing.

Wide range of CLIN® ceiling panels are also available to complement the CLIN® ceiling grid system for various applications.
Engineered Design
Sturdy structure strength enables suspension of various components, such as air filters, ceiling panels and lighting fixtures.


Ceiling Grid Standard modules 600mm x 1200mm or1200mm x 1200mm
Finishing Natural Anodised, Electro-Deposition or Epoxy Powder Coating
Material Extruded aluminium alloy 6063-T5
Point Load (At mid-span of tee) 80kg (Middle of 600mm grid length)
40kg (Middle of 1200mm grid length)
Maximum Permissible Uniform Load for one Suspension/Grid 100kg (Including lighting fixtures, filter, blank panels, etc)

  • Walkable for maintenance and servicing.
  • Suspension and leveling is by means of M6 hanging rod with turnbuckle and hanging connector.
  • Can support fan filter units on 50% of ceiling area evenly distributed.
  • Pre-fixed polyethylene gaskets on the edges of tee to receive standard ceiling components.
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM C635-00 standard.

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