Steel Doors

CLIN® Steel Doors are designed to complement all kinds of wall systems.

The rugged construction of our doors will withstand heavy-duty usage in both commercial, industrial and Cleanroom environments.

We can customize our CLIN® Steel Doors with various cores, skins and sizes to suit different applications.

Engineered Design
With sturdy structure and solid construction, CLIN® Steel Doors can last for many years of heavy duty usage.


Skin 1.0mm Electro Galvanized Steel Sheet or Stainless Steel Sheet (SUS)
Core Material Aluminium Honeycomb, Polystyrene (PS), Rockwool & Mineral Wool
Door Frame and Glazing Trim Electro Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel Sheet (SUS)
Hinges Heavy Duty Stainless Steel type
Lockset Stainless Steel cylindrical & lever handle types
Single-leaf Door Size (mm) Standard 900 (W) x 2100 (H) x 40-50mm (T)
Double-leaf Door Size (mm) Standard 1828 (W) x 2100 (H) x 40-50mm (T)
Half Glass Size (mm) Standard 660 (W) x 710 (H) x ‘X’mm thick glass
View Glass Size (mm) Standard 190 (W) x 600 (H) x ‘X’mm thick glass

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