LED Lighting Fixture

CLIN® Teardrop Lighting Fixture, being practical and yet of stylish nature, is manufactured from extruded aluminium casing and high quality electrical components with a teardrop shaped diffuser.

Being specially designed and made for cleanroom applications, it facilitates laminar airflow around the fitting.

We can cater for your specific purposes and budgets. CLIN® Fixtures are available in nominal lenghts of 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.
Lasting Beauty
Corrosion-free and ever beautiful looking, our fixtures will not only last for many years but also enhance the appearance of your walls and ceilings.

Specification & Model

Lamp T8 LED tube
Casing Material 6063-T5 alloy extruded aluminium
Finishing Nature satin finish (Optional: Epoxy Powder Coasting)
Diffuser Translucent Anti-Glare Acrylic
Reference Length Lamp
TD-LED/0110/840 TD-LED/0110/865 623mm 1 x 10W
TD-LED/0115/840 TD-LED/0115/865 923mm 1 x 15W
TD-LED/0119/840 TD-LED/0119/865 1223mm 1 x 19W
TD-LED/0124/840 TD-LED/0124/865 1523mm 1 x 24W

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