Teardrop Lighting Fixture

Created to be functional and elegant, CLIN® Teardrop Lighting Fixture is fabricated with extruded aluminium casing and high quality electrical components with a teardrop shaped diffuser.

It is specially designed and made for cleanroom applications to facilitate laminar airflow around the fitting.

We can cater for your specific purposes and budgets with a choice of magnetic or electrical ballast. Fixtures are available in nominal lengths of 600mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2400mm and 3000mm. We can even help you cut down on wiring costs and installation time by supplying ready made looped cables for in-line band of lighting.

CLIN® Teardrop Lighting Fixutre is certified to IEC standards and approved by Malaysia and Singapore authorities.

Lasting Beauty
Corrosion-free and ever beautiful looking, our fixtures will not only last for many years but also enhance the appearance of your walls and ceilings.


  • LED Teardrop luminaire
  • Teardrop luminaire with magnetic ballast
  • Teardrop luminaire with electronic ballast
  • Teardrop emergency luminaire with magnetic ballast
  • Teardrop emergency luminaire with electronic ballast
  • Teardrop luminaire with T5 electronic ballast
  • Teardrop luminaire with laminar flow designed for cleanroom applications
  • High quality fittings for high-end office, supermarket & commercial buildings
  • High quality extruded aluminium casing, electrical component & teardrop shaped diffuser
  • Precise manufacturing process provides long lasting & beautiful looking fixture to enhance the appearance
  • Pre-wired connector & looped wire system for quick and easy installation
Technical Data
  • 6063-T5 alloy extruded aluminium casing
  • Natural satin finish or epoxy powder coating finishes
  • Translucent anti-glare prismatic acrylic diffuser with teardrop shape
  • Options: Magnetic or Electronic Ballast
  • Emergency battery backup option

Variations Choice of fittings T8
  • 1 x 18W
  • 1 x 36W
  • 1 x 58W
  • 1 x 14W
  • 1 x 28W
  • 1 x 35W
  • 1 x 10W
  • 1 x 14W
  • 1 x 16W
  • 1 x 18W
  • 1 x 20W
  • 1 x 24W
  • 2 Ft
  • 4 Ft
  • 5Ft
  • 2 Ft
  • 4 Ft
  • 5Ft
  • 2 Ft
  • 4 Ft
  • 5Ft

  Lamp Luminous Flux 1600 ~ 3700

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