Pharmaceutical Industry Flooring
01 October 2020

Pharmaceutical Industry Flooring

The pharmaceutical industry is on the cutting edge of science, transforming our lives in previously unimaginable ways. The right high-performance pharmaceutical flooring is essential for production plants, research and development labs and other facilities in maintaining their strict hygiene and safety protocols.

Critical Performance Flooring for Pharmaceutical Settings
Maintaining a sterile, sanitary and safe environment is easier with flooring that’s formulated especially for pharmaceutical production and research facilities.  Florock’s MVT and hybrid floor coatings furnishes critical performance benefits, such as:

  • USDA compliancy
  • EPA-registered anti-microbial protection with FloroSeptic
  • Supports FDA cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Solvent-free, zero VOC and ultra-low VOC formulations
  • Superior chemical, corrosion and moisture resistance
  • Monolithic surfaces assist with biosafety and hygiene protocols
  • Extra-fast turnaround systems that are ready for equipment within two hours of application
  • Low-odor installation options
  • Restores deteriorated concrete, saving on slab replacement costs
  • Moisture mitigating MVT systems and hybrid flooring options
  • Slip-resistance customized for specific areas and functions
  • Engineered for outstanding durability, impact and wear resistance
  • Zero formaldehyde and absolutely no outgassing after full cure
  • Antistatic grades for areas with sensitive electronics, robotics or explosion risks

Our pharmaceutical flooring delivers predictable, long-term results that can help maximize the effectiveness of capital funding.

Protecting Solvent Storage with MVT & Hybrid Floor Coating Solutions
While supercritical fluids and ionic liquids are starting to be used more frequently in some pharmaceutical processes, organic solvents continue to be the industry mainstay.  Used as reaction media, in separation and purification of various products and also for cleaning of equipment, these liquids can wreak havoc on traditional floor coverings.

Florock offers a selection of corrosion-resistant MVT and hybrid floor coatings solutions that effectively protect concrete in pharmaceutical solvent storage areas. In addition, our antistatic flooring options help ensure safety in the presence of explosion risks.

Production Lines
Regardless of the operation-taking place, pharmaceutical production facilities are continually concerned about meeting and maintaining the FDA’s cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

Our pharmaceutical flooring systems meet the host of rigorous performance criteria needed in and around production and packaging and assembly lines, including superior mechanical, chemical and impact resistance, as well as exceptional cleanability and durability.

Vinyl floor tile, sheet and roll goods require adhesives that can deteriorate over time, creating pockets between the concrete substrate and floor topping where mold and bacteria can flourish. In contrast, Florock pharmaceutical floor systems are completely bonded to the concrete substrate. Our anti-microbial FloroProof and hybrid floor coating systems help guarantee that moisture vapor transmission (MVT) will not affect the proper bond, safety and function of the floor.

Our team of professionals are available to assist in the design and installation of high performing, value-driven pharmaceutical flooring.  Simply contact us to learn more!