Cleanroom Panels – An Overview Of Wall Panel Systems
01 June 2024

Cleanroom Panels – An Overview Of Wall Panel Systems

Cleanroom wall panels are integral to the design and function of controlled environments where contamination control is paramount. These panels form the physical barriers of a cleanroom, ensuring that the space is sealed off from external pollutants and contaminants. The role of cleanroom wall panels extends beyond mere separation; they are engineered to withstand rigorous cleaning protocols and maintain a sterile environment essential for sensitive manufacturing processes or research activities.

Material Properties And Cleanroom Performance
The choice of materials for cleanroom wall panels is not arbitrary. Each material, whether it's stainless steel, aluminum, or vinyl, brings specific properties that can affect the cleanroom's performance. For instance, non-outgassing materials are crucial to prevent contamination, while chemical resistance ensures that the panels can withstand harsh cleaning agents without degrading. We offers variety of materials, including galvannealed steel and multi-layered options, to cater to diverse technical requirements.

Compliance With Regulatory Standards
Adhering to regulatory standards is non-negotiable for cleanroom wall panels. They must meet specific ISO classifications and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines to ensure the cleanroom's integrity. Our panels are designed to comply with ISO 5 to ISO 9 standards, among others, providing assurance of their quality and suitability for various industries.

Selecting Wall Panels For Different Cleanroom Classes
When selecting wall panels, it's essential to consider the cleanroom's class and the activities conducted within. Different classes have varying requirements for air change rates, particle count, and pressure differential. Our team can guide you through choosing the appropriate wall panels that align with the specific needs of your cleanroom, ensuring optimal performance and compliance.

Material Selection: Balancing Durability And Compliance
When selecting materials for cleanroom wall panels, it's imperative to consider how they align with industry standards and contribute to the overall integrity of the cleanroom. We understand that the materials we choose are pivotal in ensuring compliance and enhancing cleanroom performance.

Advantages Of Non-Particle Shedding Materials
Non-particle shedding materials are essential in maintaining a contaminant-free environment. Our wall panels are designed to minimize the risk of particulate contamination, which is crucial for operations in sensitive industries like pharmaceuticals and microelectronics.

Chemical Resistance And Cleanroom Integrity
The chemical resistance of wall panel materials is a cornerstone of cleanroom integrity. Our materials withstand rigorous cleaning protocols and exposure to harsh disinfectants, ensuring the longevity and sterility of your cleanroom.