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Monday, 01 March 2021 08:27

Softwall & Curtain Dividers

A softwall cleanroom is an excellent solution for compartmentalization and specialized operations within a modular cleanroom, high bay cleanroom, CMM enclosure, or machine enclosure. We offers a wide variety of softwall cleanroom options for dust control, safety, laser or dark rooms, and other applications ranging from pharmaceutical production to injection molding. Our softwall cleanroom systems are designed for fast construction and can be easily expanded or relocated.

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Friday, 01 January 2021 16:03

Advantages Of Softwall Cleanrooms

Examples of applications that can use SoftWall cleanrooms and benefits they provide in plastics industry cleanrooms, having project versatility is priceless. Modular SoftWall cleanrooms give you the ability to adapt to changes to create better products more efficiently — to help you reach your business goals and grow your profits. Here are five advantages SoftWall cleanrooms can offer the plastics industry:

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Sunday, 01 November 2020 17:35

Softwall Cleanrooms FAQs

Hardwall and softwall cleanrooms provide a sterile space for procedures to be performed in a strictly controlled environment. Maybe you’re considering adding one of these rooms to an existing facility in the Columbus area but aren’t quite sure which type of cleanroom is best. We can help you choose a cleanroom for your specific needs. Take a look at these four frequently asked questions regarding our well-built and efficient softwall cleanrooms.

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Sunday, 01 April 2018 07:00

Softwall cleanroom systems

Softwall cleanrooms provide an economical solution to applications requiring light environmental control. These cleanrooms are typically comprised of a metal framing system, flexible vinyl curtain walls, and a number of fan filter modules at the top of the structure to control particulate and air flow. Due to their basic design, softwall cleanrooms can be erected very quickly with minimized labor requirements, offering an ease of mobility that other structures do not provide.

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Monday, 01 May 2017 08:03

Modular Softwall Cleanrooms

Access to a cleanroom is essential for people working in many industries, from component manufacturing to forensics. A modular softwall cleanroom is an affordable yet effective alternative to hardwall or brick and mortar cleanrooms.

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Thursday, 01 December 2016 03:05

Barrier & Hardwall Panels

These versatile panels provide an economical way to divide a cleanroom or laboratory in multiple cleanliness zones or to create a dust-free area in an otherwise unclassified work space.

CLIN’s modular cleanroom panels serve as barrier walls that enable modification of existing space to multiple purposes.

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Friday, 01 July 2016 03:05

Custom to Your Specs

Modular softwall cleanrooms are designed to provide clean environments from ISO Standard 14644 Class 3 to Class 8. Softwall cleanrooms are positive air pressure, single air pass, portable modular structures that can be custom manufactured to your specifications.

Standard units consist of painted steel framing that can be fastened to the ground, aluminum casketed ceiling grid with an interior height of 7’ to 10’. Solid clear vinyl curtains enclose the sides with an access door consisting of vinyl strips that overlap. Clean air is provided through the HEPA filter fan units located in the ceiling (quantity based on size & classification). Lighting is provided by the ceiling grid mounted, sealed cleanroom fixtures.

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Monday, 01 June 2015 03:55

Hardwall & softwall cleanrooms

Hardwall cleanrooms provide a rigid wall structure and a completely enclosed cleanroom with air vents to exhaust air. These cleanrooms hold higher pressure differentials, which is important to provide differing cleanliness levels in different areas. Negative and positive/negative pressure cleanroom designs require hardwall cleanrooms, as do A/C and humidity control cleanrooms.

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