Microelectronics Cleanroom

Semiconductor and electronics industry are essential in this era as the consumer electronics are becoming the basic necessity for people around the world. Consumer electronics are used every day, commonly in communications, office productivity and also for entertainment purpose. In an electronics manufacturing plant, cleanrooms are fundamental to the production line so that the goods fabricated are of high reliability.

Most of the semiconductor, microelectronics, electronics, automotive industry need cleanrooms that follow ISO 14644-1 or its predecessor, FED-STD-209E cleanroom standards.
Recommended CLIN® systems for Microelectronics Cleanroom:
  • Ceiling: Ceiling Grid System
  • Wall Partition: Stud Wall Partition System / “Z” Lock Flush Wall Partition System
    * Static Dissipative Steel Skins
  • Door: Swing Door / Sliding Door
  • Lighting: Teardrop Lighting
  • Pass Box: Stainless Steel / EG Steel c/w Powder Coat
  • Air Shower Unit: Stainless Steel / EG Steel c/w Powder Coat
  • Filtration: HEPA Filter / ULPA Filter / Fan Filter Unit
  • Raised Floor: Aluminium Raised Floor System

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