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Engineered & Innovative

Engineered structural integrity and flexibility to meet the high standards and ever-changing needs

Corrosion-Free Material

Durable and corrosion-free extruded aluminium to provide long lasting and attractive finishes

Easy & Quick assembly

Flexibility to be modified on site and can be configured to any layout also minimize plant disruptions

Attractive Finishing

High quality skin with pleasing clean finish enhances the appearance of any building or facility


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LED Lighting Fixture

CLIN ® Teardrop Lighting Fixture, being practical and yet of stylish nature, is manufactured from extruded aluminium casing and high quality electrical components with a teardrop shaped diffuser.

Being specially designed and made for cleanroom applications, it facilitates laminar airflow around the fitting.

We can cater for your specific purposes and budgets. CLIN ® Fixtures are available in nominal lenghts of 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.



 Lasting Beauty

Corrosion-free and ever beautiful looking, our fixtures will not only last for many years but also enhance the appearance of your walls and ceilings.

 Easy Installation

Installation is quick and easy without the need of special tools as electrical conncection is made via a pre-wired connector system.



ApplicationClearnroom Luminaire
Lamp T8 LED tube
Casing Material 6063-T5 alloy extruded aluminium
Finishing Nature satin finish (Optional: Epoxy Powder Coasting)
Diffuser Translucent Anti-Glare Acrylic
Teardrop Lighting
Reference Length Lamp
TD-LED/0110/840 TD-LED/0110/865 623mm 1 x 10W
TD-LED/0115/840 TD-LED/0115/865 923mm 1 x 15W
TD-LED/0119/840 TD-LED/0119/865 1223mm 1 x 19W
TD-LED/0124/840 TD-LED/0124/865 1523mm 1 x 24W

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About CLIN

Cleanroom Industries Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1999 as a pioneer manufacturer in Malaysia specializing in design and manufacture of a full range of cleanroom-related architectural products for cleanroom applications up to Class 1 cleanliness.

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