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Engineered & Innovative

Engineered structural integrity and flexibility to meet the high standards and ever-changing needs

Corrosion-Free Material

Durable and corrosion-free extruded aluminium to provide long lasting and attractive finishes

Easy & Quick assembly

Flexibility to be modified on site and can be configured to any layout also minimize plant disruptions

Attractive Finishing

High quality skin with pleasing clean finish enhances the appearance of any building or facility


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Metal / SUS Products

CLIN ® Clinstrut and Lipped Channel are cold roll formed steel channels used in metal framing systems for mechanical, electrical, architectural and utilities support applications. The systems provide a better and faster way of constructing a supporting system, resulting in the reduction of labour and installation time on site. Standard finishes include pre-galvanized, hot dipped galvanized and epoxy powder coating.



Size Thickness Finishing Length
41mm x 41mm 2.5mm yes yes yes 6000mm
21mm x 41mm 2.5mm yes yes yes 6000mm
Size Thickness Finishing Length
41mm x 82mm 2.5mm yes yes yes 6000mm
41mm x 42mm 2.5mm yes yes yes 6000mm
Size Thickness Finishing Length
50mm x 50mm 2.0mm yes yes yes 6000mm
25mm x 50mm 1.0mm yes yes yes 6000mm

Note: G.I: Pre-Galvanized Iron / E.P.C: Epoxy Powder Coated / H.D.G: Hot Dip Galvanized

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About CLIN

Cleanroom Industries Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1999 as a pioneer manufacturer in Malaysia specializing in design and manufacture of a full range of cleanroom-related architectural products for cleanroom applications up to Class 1 cleanliness.

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ISO 9001 Malaysia Power Brand Super Excellent Brand Sirim QAS Made in Malaysia Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award