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Designed to meet the demanding standards of today’s high-end cleanrooms, CLIN ® HD80 and HD80D Ceiling Grid Systems combine engineered structural integrity and pleasing aesthetics to be as beautiful as they are functional.

Made out of durable, corrosion-free and fire-safe extruded aluminium, they independently support fan filter units and other mechanical and electrical components located above the ceiling. Applications include semiconductor, disc drive, electronics, wafer fabrication, pharmaceutical, medical, food, hospital and chemical industries.

HD80 and HD80D are indentical except that HD80D has a built-in slot to enable conveyor systems to be directly hung beneath ceiling grids.

Certified as heavy duty classification in accordance with ASTM C635-00 standard, HD80 & HD80D ceiling grid systems are suitable for cleanroom applications up to Class 1 and can be fully recognized as truly walkable ceiling grid systems.

Wide range of CLIN ® ceiling panels are also available to complement the CLIN ® ceiling grid systems various applications.



 Engineered Design

Sturdy structural strength and super strong joints enable suspension of various components such as air filters, ceiling panels and lighting fixtures.

 Corrosion Free

Extruded aluminium provides the ultimate in corrosion resistance against moisture, chemicals and the weather.

 Attractive Finish

Precise extrusion and manufacturing results in a flat surface with pleasing clean finish that will surely enhance the appearance of any ceiling.

 Easy Installation

Factory fabricated to cut down significant installation time and labour requirement on site.

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About CLIN

Cleanroom Industries Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1999 as a pioneer manufacturer in Malaysia specializing in design and manufacture of a full range of cleanroom-related architectural products for cleanroom applications up to Class 1 cleanliness.

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