Raised Floor Systems
01 January 2022

Raised Floor Systems

Building infrastructure is no longer an afterthought in cost management and overall performance. For technology, office, and medical and research institutions, the right flooring design and installation offer positive impacts on airflow, HVAC costs and ease of access for new cable routing or hardware installation.

We’ve earned a reputation as the leading supplier and installer of raised floor system solutions and access floor systems. With more than 22 years serving multiple industries, our experts have the depth and breadth of experience to find the perfect fit for your flooring needs.

Access Floor Systems: Your Foundation for Success
Also known as elevated floor systems, access floor systems are often used in IT applications such as data centers or server rooms, office environments, control rooms, casinos, and for medical and research use cases such as clean rooms.

A raised access floor system consists of 24” x 24” panels that drop down into a bolted stringer under-structure or grid system. Individual panels can be easily removed for hardware upgrading or maintenance access. Finished floor heights can be as low as 3 inches up to 6 feet allowing you to select the ideal height for infrastructure needs.

In addition to quick access, a raised floor system more effectively distributes heat and cold from HVAC installations throughout the room, making it easier to cool high-performance server stacks and ensure your facilities maintain the optimal temperature range.

Concrete Raised Floor Systems
Concrete Raised Floor Systems use a hollow epoxy coated steel frame filled with light-weight concrete. Concrete Raised Floor Systems have become an industry standard for most IT applications.

Calcium Sulphate Computer Floor
Calcium Sulphate sealed panels consist of recycled Calcium Sulphate core sealed with a heavy-duty ABS and galvanized steel bottom.

Hollow Steel Computer Flooring
Hollow Steel Computer Flooring Systems leverage epoxy coated hollow steel construction to deliver strength and durability with the convenience of lightweight construction.

Wood-Core Computer Floors
Wood Core Computer Floors Systems are a commercial grade composite wood-core encased in galvanized steel. Wood Core Computer Floors Systems provide excellent durability and acoustic performance with a class "A" flame rating.

Aluminum Data Center Flooring Systems
Aluminum Data Center Flooring Systems consist of complete die-cast aluminum panels that are standards in clean rooms, data centers, medical, biomedical, microelectronic, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.

Perforated Raised Floor Tiles
Perforated Raised Floor Tiles, High Output Air-Grates, and Airflow Panels provide managed cooling for mission critical facilities utilizing Access Flooring — 25% to 66% airflow air available for all Raised Floor Systems.