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Saturday, 01 January 2022 05:40

Data Center Design Consideration: Raised Floor

Despite all many studies claiming raised floor is no longer necessary in data center design, it is still present in the vast majority of data centers or computer rooms. We are going to address several important factors to consider (structural strength, airflow and leakage if you’re using it for cooling and static dissipation) when choosing and installing a raised floor in your critical facilities.

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Saturday, 01 January 2022 05:38

Datacenter Raised Floor

A raised floor in a data center is an elevated floor that is built two inches to four feet above a concrete floor. It creates a space that can be used for cooling, electrical, and mechanical services. In data centers, raised floors are also used as a way of distributing cold air. By using a raised floor, facilities not only reduce the amount of air needed to cool equipment, they also require less energy and improve temperature distribution across all of the cabinets. According to research on the impact of raised floors on thermal behavior in commercial buildings, the presence of a raised floor can potentially reduce the cooling load by as much as 40 percent. Combining this system with an AI cooling solution could deliver even greater savings.

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Saturday, 01 January 2022 05:35

Raised Floor Systems

Building infrastructure is no longer an afterthought in cost management and overall performance. For technology, office, and medical and research institutions, the right flooring design and installation offer positive impacts on airflow, HVAC costs and ease of access for new cable routing or hardware installation.

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Saturday, 01 January 2022 05:25

Clean Room Raised Floor System Installation

Clean room is a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors, widely applied in the pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotechnology, medical device, nanotechnology and semiconductor industries. Therefore, as an important part of the clean room, the clean room floor is not only highly anti-fouling and easy to clean, but also needs to provide efficient air supply to maintain a high level of air cleanliness and to adjust the air distribution. Huiya Clean Room Raised Floor, especially raised floors with holes, are well suited to these needs. While how to properly install the clean room raised floor to maximize the benefits? In Clean Room Access Floor Installation guide, AccessFloorStore.com will give you the most important tips!

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